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n traction in overseas markets03-28-2018 10:52 BJTChina's booming ▓short video services are gaining traction in ove▓rseas markets with companies looking to capitalize on markets where mobile internet is developing at ▓a rapid pace.Vigo Video, the overseas ▓version of Chinese short video app Huosha▓n Video, has topped the download chart in Brazil and Indonesia's Google Play softwar▓e store, just three months after taking its offerings outside of China.This follows the successful landing of Tik Tok锛峚n overseas iteration of short video app Douyin锛峣n Thailand and Japan, according to Beijing Byte▓dance Technology Co Ltd, the company behind

these apps.Like many services, Vigo Video looks to▓ capture moments in life by offering easy-to-use video ed▓iting tools, as well as a suite of speci▓al effects such as the real-time beautifying camera to a▓ttract users.But the real game changer is its employment of artificial ▓intelligence, which can help users discover vide

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os and▓ connect with audiences for their works through personalized content feeds.The tech firm, which started out▓ with an algorithm-backed news aggreg▓ator Toutiao, is on a constant buying spree to drive the globalization goal set by its f

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ounder ▓and CEO Zhang Yiming.By launching indigenous services ▓and acquiring foreign startups from to Top Buzz, Bytedance houses over 100 million cont▓ent creators across Southeast Asia, Europe and the Americ▓as.It is looking to ha

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ve more than half of the users coming ▓from overseas in three years, Zhang said at a company town hall meeting in March."Our approach (for overseas expansion) is to utilize AI technologies to empower local content creators ▓and partners," s

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